PN Sports Badminton Tournament

PN Sports Badminton Tournament - 30th July 2022

When: 30th July 2022
Time: 5-10 PM

  • Group Stage, Semi Final and Final.
  • Group Match: Best of 3 Set. Team reach first to 15 points win set.
  • Semi & Final: Best of 3 Set. Team reach first to 20 points win set.
  • Half hour is allocated to each match in group stage. If match not finished in half hour, team ahead in point will be declared as winner. 
  • Substitution:
    • Substitution is not allowed during game in any case. match will “forfeit” and 2 points will be awarded to opponent team.
    • Game stopped due to injury, organizer will evaluate on case-to-case basis, before calling game as “forfeit”.
    • Team short of player, match will “forfeit” and 2 points will be awarded to opponent.

  • Players playing tournament cannot swap team once tournament started.
  • Team can use more than 2 players in a team.


  • 16 teams divided into half 1 and half 2.
  • Each half has 2 groups of 4 teams each.
  • Group Matches – Each group has 4 teams, will play round robin format.
  • Topper of each group will qualify for semi final.
  • Semi Final – Refer to details below
  • Winners of semi final will qualify for Finals.
  • Topper of Group.
    • Max matches won = max points.
    • If points are equal, then team conceded less points. 

General Note:

  • Strictly, players playing tournament can use available practice courts.
  • Practice court available during semi final. 
  • Players to bring their own racquets.
  • Organizer will provide shuttles, water bottles, game courts and practice courts.
  • Umpire – Non-playing players to supervise matches. Umpire decision is final.
  • Organizer to make decision if any situation arise not mentioned above.

Groups and Format

Allocation of Courts

Group Stage Schedule

Semi Final

Final Schedule

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