Indoor Cricket Tournament July 2022

When: 22nd July, 8 PM to mid-night at Five Dock Indoor Cricket  

Tournament Format / Rules:

  • 9 overs an inning. 18 overs a match.
  • 6 playing players / team. Team can have more than 6 players in team.
  • Total 6 teams
    • 2 Groups – 3 Teams each group.
    • 3 team to play round robin format in each group.
  • Bowling:
    • Use minimum 5 bowlers.
    • Over Limit Per Bowler – 2 overs.
  •  Batting:
    • 2 batsmen (3 x fixed pair) will play 3 overs each.
  • After match started, under any situation, substitution NOT allowed except for fielding. E.g. for injury, team will have to ball and bat with less players.
  • Sub player CANNOT field at Zone D (boundaries).


  • Group topper from each group will quality for FINAL.
  • Shared point standing, Team score cumulative more run will be winner.
  • For cumulative run tie, delta of run scored and conceded to calculate.

Scoring Rules:

  • Indoor Cricket Rules to be followed with following exception. Refer to separate attachment.
  • Exceptions:
    • Shot that contacts either side of the net/wall results in 1 runs plus any physical runs by the batsmen
    • Wide / No Ball / Beamer:
      • 3 Runs & NO re-ball.
      • Only in last over of an inning, extra 3 runs + re-ball.
      • Penalty on getting out: -ve 3 runs.
      • Field Restriction – Only 2 fielders can be used for Zone D / at boundary behind bowler mark.
      • Ball goes out of net – Zone D (4 runs or 6 runs) & Other Zones (2 runs). NO re-ball
      • Ball hits Zone D from side net & top net is 6 runs. Running not mandatory to secure runs.

Final – 11 PM to Mid Night

Practice Court – 11 PM to Mid Night second court available for teams don’t quality for final

Mandatory Covid-19 Compliance:

  • Only players can attend. No Spectator allowed.
  • Every player should be double vaccinated.
  • Captains to ensure players are double vaccinated (Centre Covid-19 Requirement)
  • Follow Sports Centre guidelines.


  • Strictly, non-playing team to sit in 1st floor gallery.
  • No spectator allowed.
  • Captain to come outside court for toss 10 minutes before their game.
  • Any discussion with umpire / organizer, only captain can have discussion.
  • Organize to make decision if any situation arise not mentioned above.
  • Umpiring – Players to do umpiring duties on volunteer basis.
  • Umpire Decision Is Final.

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